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We offer a choice of double-cut or calibrated wood. Read more:
Building timber for house construction: which one to choose?

We make sure that our wood impregnation is professional and meets the highest standards, so we offer our customers the choice of impregnated wood.

Yes we do, and most of our construction timber can be found in dimensions with an air-dry moisture content of around 20%, so it’s perfect for most interior applications.

It is dried, planed wood with very precise dimensions. It is usually made of spruce wood.

We have a wide variety of siding profiles for different finishes. Read more about:Wooden cladding and its types – how to make the right choice?

We offer pine, spruce and larch terrace boards. Only a wooden terrace will give you a natural feel and cosiness. Read more about: Terrace boards – how to choose the best.

Yes, we have all our products in stock, and you can always come in during opening hours to find the right products for you.

Yes, you can get samples of the products you are interested in when you visit us.

Yes we can deliver, please contact us for details +370 682 25858.

Yes, we can deliver the timber to the location of your choice.

  • Your should you some base for it.
  • Evenly arranged.
  • If the wood is not dried, leave air gaps.
  • Cover with cling film.

If you choose to paint siding or other wood outdoors, it should only be done at plus temperatures and in dry weather. The tables cannot receive rain. We therefore recommend that you choose to have your painting done by us.

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