Terrace boards – how to choose the best

Wooden decking boards are probably the best choice for your seating area.
As the warm season inexorably approaches, we find ourselves dreaming more and more of fragrant coffee in the morning
on the cosy terrace of your home. For this dream to come true, the first thing to do is to have that cosy place to rest
to create a zone. One of the fundamental elements of a terrace or other seating area is the flooring. In today’s
The market offers a wide range of materials and products for the flooring of outdoor areas
for paving. However, the most popular choice among Lithuanians is wooden decking.

Types of wooden decking boards

Experts say it’s worth investing in a patio floor covering. Quality terrace flooring
will not only be longer-lasting and more durable, but also require less maintenance. In addition, quality will provide
and comfort, which is extremely important for any seating area, so the choice of terrace boards should be made especially
attentively. To make the choice easier, here’s a brief overview of the three most common
the type of wooden decking boards to choose from.

Terrace boards made of pine

Pine decking boards are extremely lightweight, easy to work with and, thanks to their resin content
– robust and durable. Pine terrace boards are usually vacuum impregnated,
so you can rest assured that your terrace will be protected from moisture, mould or rot for 4-5 years,
pests. These boards are extremely easy to refurbish – to keep your patio floor looking like new
flawlessly, all you need to do is coat them with colourless oil. Impregnated pine terrace boards
are dried, so they don’t stick together over time. Wooden terraces in the hot season
the boards heat up less than, say, stone tiles, so you can walk on them with confidence
barefoot without fear of burning your feet.

Terrace boards made of larch

Larch is a truly exceptional tree. It has the distinction of being the only spiny one,
which sheds its needles for the winter. It is extremely cold-resistant and extremely hard, while moisture, on the other hand
than other trees, giving it even more strength. As you can already guess, terrace boards
Larch is a wonderful, long-lasting choice. These boards are ideal for wetter areas,
withstand winter storms extremely well and are extremely robust and reliable. The boards we offer
are made from Siberian larch, which has a higher resin content than European larch.
As for resins, larch boards are so rich in them that no additional resins are needed
impregnated, which means that the wood is naturally protected against many of the dangers that threaten it!
These boards look really aesthetically pleasing on terraces, are pleasant and easy to maintain and, most importantly,
– natural.

WPC – wood-plastic composite boards

These are boards made from a composite of wood fibre and plastic. Boards of this type
are slightly more expensive than natural pine or larch. WPC boards are more resistant
scratch-resistant, safer in case of fire, but they should be chosen carefully as they tend to
deform. Compared to wooden decking boards, WPC boards are less friendly
for the environment – although they can be recycled, not all of their ingredients can be. In addition, to
use wood-plastic composite boards for the terrace, preferably metal rather than wood

The best terrace boards

Wooden terrace boards are a really popular choice not only in Lithuania but also abroad
because wood is a natural raw material that is friendly to nature and people, and because it is also very
aesthetically pleasing and can suit both classic and modern interiors and exteriors.
The price of wooden decking boards is much more favourable compared to other possible decking options
(especially when choosing pine boards), it may not be so easy to create a cosy and aesthetically pleasing terrace
already expensive.

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