Building timber for house construction: which one to choose?

Timber is probably the most popular material in any construction project. It is rarely possible to do without timber framing, rafters, purlins or purlins. The use of wood in construction dates back a long time, as soon as our ancestors decided not to live in caves. The popularity of construction timber has not diminished at all, perhaps because it is a natural, renewable material that can be easily processed in the way you want. In addition to being strong and providing excellent thermal insulation, structural timber also interacts seamlessly with other materials. However, choosing wood for building a house can be a challenge, as there are many different ways of processing wood and, in addition, its applicability varies.

Timber for framing and roofing

Construction timber, also known as structural timber, is timber that has been sawn in certain ways and is mainly used in construction. Construction timber includes rafters, purlins, beams, joists, purlins or plain planks, whether single- or double-cut. These products are available in different dimensions. Construction timber can be either dried or undried. The most reliable structural timber is softwood. The resin in the trees gives the wood its durability and slows down decay. In addition, softwood is low-density and easy to work. Both pine, spruce and larch wood are processed in different ways. When choosing the most suitable structural timber, first consider what part of the house will need it. Construction timber is processed slightly differently for different applications. In addition, construction timber can be further processed or selected to improve its quality and durability. Here we should mention premium calibrated graduated timber.

Calibrated graduated timber – a guarantee of strength. It differs from ordinary construction timber in its strength, quality and durability. Calibrated timber is structural timber with a very precise cut, whose dimensions are maintained throughout the length of the project. To avoid warping, the wood is planed only after it has dried on a special four-sided planing machine. Calibrated timber is perfect not only for a house, but also for a gazebo, a storage shed, a woodshed or any other structure where precision is crucial. Although calibrated timber is mainly used for framing, it is also suitable for roofing, where the aim is to achieve a very smooth surface. Calibrated wood can be additionally graded. Not only extremely precise, but also extremely strong, the wood is called graduated wood. It is the most commonly calibrated timber, selected strictly according to the European Union’s criteria for elasticity, density, bending, tensile and compressive strength, which not only ensures the strength and safety of the structure, but also its durability. Calibrated graduated structural timber is ideal for roof overlays and other areas where high loads will be applied.

Building timber – natural and durable

Choosing wood for house construction is a great decision. Wood is a natural, renewable resource from nature. The wood used for the structures is not only strong and durable, but it is also environmentally friendly, as well as friendly to people. However, when choosing structural timber, experts advise to choose only quality products. The price of construction timber depends on many factors: the type of wood used, the way it is cut, the way it is processed, the density of the structural timber, its strength and other properties. Building timber online is a great way to quickly and easily buy the timber you want for the frame, slab or roof of your house or other building.

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